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01:24 p.m. - 2004-04-14

Nap time

All I want to do is go home and have a long nap. I'ma guessin' that all that sleep on the weekend gave my body a taste of the good life - now it wants more!! In all honesty the last two nights have been particularly late which makes the regular early mornings horrific!!

What I'm thinking we really need is a good long holiday. My husband has been under the influence of a deadly Master's Thesis for what feels like forever, and although I've only been in his life for the last 2 plus years - I've felt his stress. That comes from being too intuitive I think. Now that all the 'edjumacation' stuff is over we both feel like we've been through the wringer and need to get away. Alas - finances evade us. Dasterdly dinero!!

AND - to boot - T turns 40 in May. I so want to steal him away to celebrate his Masters and his birthday quietly and just the two of us. But I just don't know how/what to do.

I'd like to leave you with this challenge - ideas - ways to celebrate growing older graciously and smarter! And the biggy - cheaply. (Donations gratefully accepted). Sign my guestbook, leave me a note, or send an e-mail - let me know your ideas and thoughts. You're all brilliant - I know that! Any outstanding original ideas will be sent a lovely handmade thank you card, and my respect.

Cheers and blessings - LJ

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