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12:00 p.m. - 2004-04-13

Little Joys, big weekend

Well, other than my little spiral downwards on Friday we had an excellent weekend. T was the sound person at the church for the Good Friday evening service. So I followed faithfully over around 7pm for service. It was tremendous (and no – not because of the handsomest soundman in the world being there). It was sombre and yet very introspective and contemplative. They did something different. The called it an “interactive” service. We spent the first bit just singing along with the worship team to some contemporary chorus as well as some old favourites. Then during a second set it was explained to us that up at the front of the room there was a HUGE cross laying down. That as we felt led by the Lord, all the while continuing to sing, we were to approach the cross, pick up a piece of paper and a red marker and write whatever we were led to write. Write down the things we would like to ask for forgiveness for, an expression of love to Christ, something we wanted to lay down and leave at the cross. Here comes the cool part – we were then to take this piece of paper, fold it up and pick up a hammer and nail it to the cross.

If you can, picture singing hymns and choruses about Christ dieing on the cross, about His sacrifice for us, about our love for Him and all the while the sound of nails being pounded into wood echoing in the background. What a moving experience! But as we all know – it doesn’t end there.

Saturday dawn bright and lazy – for me anyway. T was back at the church for the Sunday morning worship teams practice. Lucky me – house to myself! I must admit I was a little at loose ends. I had very few things I HAD to do. So I rambled around the house a little, drank a little coffee (ok a lot), sat out on our sunny back deck, and contemplated what to do first. I decided this was a perfect morning to meander over to one of my favourite stores – Stampers. This is generally a risky venture. I am not, by nature a materialistic person, but when I get into that store . . . . . I have a difficult time showing restraint. I make up a game plan – and try to stick to it. I have a little mantra – “I will only buy one magazine . . . . I will only buy one magazine . . . . I will only buy one magazine” or whatever my ‘plan’ was. Today was “I will only buy one magazine”, and I only slightly failed.

Aw Shucks . . . . I just bought a little extra special paper. I confess – I’m a paper slut. I just can’t get enough of it! All kinds, all shapes, all colours – I want it all!!! What’s a little more?

All in all I left Stampers relatively unscathed. I only spent a little more than I intended. Phew . . . .

The rest of Saturday was just futzing around, a small project that I have for Children’s Ministry. I have a reputation for pulling rabbits of out hats. This weekend was no exception. I won’t bore you except to say it involved wood, nails, and painting.

T and I rented another GameCube game for the weekend, as well as a DVD. “Gothica” – an odd thriller really. The kind that makes you ask more questions than they could ever supply answers for. Robert Downy Jr. was down-right creepy, but then again – that’s rather usual for him isn’t it?

Easter morning was a beautiful day – mostly because it represented the third day in a row that I was able to sleep past 6:45am. T was up and gone to church before me. Because it was a break week for our Kids Ministry I had a much more casual approach. I meandered over to the church 5 minutes before the 9am service started – UNHEARD OF!!!

Twice in one week I was able to sit in on a service. This is so unbelievably rare. Do you remember in the 90’s there were a set of commercials that came out for a credit card company I think. They’re catch phrase was something to the effect of “Not only am I an employee, but I’m also a customer”. Well my slogan should say – “not only am I an employee, but I’m also a volunteer”. Sometimes I feel like I’m at the church 24/7. I love my church, but sometimes I’d like to love it a little less.

I digress – Easter Sunday morning – there I am – sitting in a chair – no responsibilities except to sit and listen and worship. “HE IS RISEN – HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!” was heard throughout the murmuring groups of snappy dressed attendees. A great feeling of jubilation over all, with no dulling effect from the kids who were hyped up on sugar from early morning Easter egg hunts.

It was a good morning. At the 11am service I had to stick around. One of my duties (for my job) is to make sure that all the nursery and toddler rooms are manned for both services, and when they’re not – that’s when the volunteer steps in. So – there I was – getting to play with some of my favourite kids. I always run short of volunteers for the 11am service Toddler room and end up filling in about once every 4 weeks. This room is for kids from 2 to 4 years. Three of these kids are regulars, and brothers. Twins 2 1/2 year olds and a 4+ year old - Gideon, Zairech and Justice, respectively. (And you thought Mechach, Shadrach and Abednego were bad!!) I love these boys. They are funny, cute, thoughtful, and the most important part – they like me. What is it about kids – maybe it’s only me – but I’m thrilled when little tykes recognize and acknowledge me. I’m not just another adult. I’m someone they look forward to seeing.

Anyway – on Easter Sunday I got to spend an hour and a half with some fun and playful kids. Maybe I’m just a big kid inside looking for a reason to play.

The rest of Sunday was uneventful, and I (and T) was fortunate not to have to work on Monday either - another day to sleep in, be lazy, drink coffee and relax.

Onwards we battle – back into another week (albeit a short one).

Cheers, LJ

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