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10:27 a.m. - 2004-04-07

Altered state of mind

My mind is SOOO not on my work this morning. As I write this, my husband is sitting before a closed committee of his peers. He's defending his Thesis for his Masters in Computer Science today. A culmination of 5 years of blood, sweat, and male leakage. (before you jump to any disgusting conclusions - male leakage = man tears)

He coasted through the weekend never mentioning the upcoming appointment. Monday hits and the flood gates open in Freak-out town. He is generally a very calm, composed, and level headed individual, but I beleive it finally dawned on him that THIS WAS IT! Today, Wednesday, April 7th, 9am - was it. The final proving ground for a turmultuous educational experiment. As we speak - his heart is laying open and vulnerable on a meeting room floor of U Vic. Completely within punting reach of 6 potential assasins.

Between you and me - he's got it made in the shade. He knows the topic of his thesis inside and out. Two of his committee members are the professors who have walked, supported, held up and beaton upon him for 5 years. To fail him now would be to prove themselves failures.

Well - if you have a dart prayer, good thought, or a special vibe to spare - I would entreat you to point them in his direction today. And I . . . . will try to get my head back into the humungous pile of doggy doo on my desk. (figuratively speaking of course).

The party's at our place later. Come on by!

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