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2:16 p.m. - 2004-03-28

I pitty anyone who can't multi-task

I woke up Friday with another Migraine. Oh the joy! NOT! Not only is the constant throbe a pain the butt (no I don't really hurt down there - too much cushioning), but I'm a multi-tasker. I take pride in the fact that I can juggle several balls in the air at the same time. I love that I'm able to think on different plains, but be working on one.

But NOOOOO, not when I have a migraine. In fact I don't know which is more bothersome my feelings of dependence and inadequacy or the frustration of uni-tracking (that is the closest I can come to describe the opposite of muliti-tasking). When I get hit with a big one I'm blessed if I can manage two things at the same time.

Last night - I broke. Nothing like having a really good cry that'll make your head hurt, when your head already hurts!

Side note: I had written a long diatribe about how the rest of that evening and a difficult conversation with my husband enfolded - But after reading it - I didn't think it was fit to print.

All this to say. I have not had a great weekend. And to quote Heuy Lewis (and the News) "I want a new drug!" Any of you who don't remember Heuy Lewis and the News . . . I feel sorry for. Some great music from the 80's. OK, OK, maybe I'm the only fan still living. My sentiment stays.

I urge you all (all two of you that read this) NOT to respond to this entry. I'm a feeble muddleheaded old woman who just needed to rant a little. That's all - END OF STORY!

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