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1:29 p.m. - 2004-03-20

A garden worth cultivating

Greeting cards . . . Thank you Linds and Laura-Jane for you comments and thoughts. I appreciate your assessments.

Since writing the last entry I have had some time to think about greeting card sentiment. In particular I had a good conversation with my husband about the one that his parents gave me. T had made a comment, after reading their card, that stuck with me. That after reading the Hallmark verse on the card that he 'knew' that his parents loved me NOT becuase of him, but because of me. At this point I hadn't fully read the card, but kinda brushed off the comment.

Upon further reflection, and a solid reading of the card, I am humbled. My mother-in-law took a lot of care and time to find the right card. To make sure that the endearment expressed was what she felt and wanted to say.

As stated before - I am blessed.

I think that the reason I have had trouble accepting what cards of felicitations declare is that I know that my own parents rarely took the time to say what they felt. Their actions didn't back up what a card suggested. Therefore I assumed that all or most cards were just pretty paper sometimes accompanied by a gift. Their words meant or said nothing of the givers heart.

This last week I have learned differently.

I continue to marvel at how seemingly subtle words, actions, or lessons learned as a child plant weeds that flourish, when daisy and roses are prettier and easier to maintain. I am in the process of weeding me life and replanting a beautiful, healthy garden.

Thanks to my husband and his parents for looking beyond the bushes and brambles.

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