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"Leave Me A Note"

2:11 p.m. - 2004-03-17

Query for the day

Question . . . .

Who amongst you takes to heart the written sentiment in a Hallmark card? (not the personalized part written by the giver, but the 'generally' sappy part written by some minimun wage verbose writer)

Do you read it and accept it as the givers unspoken/spoken feelings? Or do you read it, write it off as a pile of hooey, and thank the giver profusely?

Yesterday was my birthday (happy 42 to me), and as most birthday's come - so comes the cards and notes. I generally go directly to the funny ones and read each word, and laugh (even if its not funny) along with the joke. The more serious ones, particularly poems or short verse - I gloss over and don't take much heed too.

Why is that? Once I've knawed on this one for a bit I'll fill in you in on my findings. And the reason I pose the above question to you. To give you a clue - this all has to do with the card my In-Laws gave me and the words printed on the cover of the card.

Am I lazy and don't want to read anything too deep?

Do I reject kind words?

Am I only in it for the laugh?

Do I trust the regards expressed?

Am I callous in my affections for others?

Or did my parents screw me up so badly that I don't know how to take these things and the just plain over dwell on them?

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