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6:23 p.m. - 2004-03-15

intrepid travellers

Flu season has hit this household hard and fast. T is now quite sick - coughing, sniffling, and whining! (OK OK he's allowed to whine a little) I, on the other hand, sometimes have a voice, somestimes sound like I've smoked 2 packs of smokes a day for 20 years. What I don't get is why people think that my voice sounds sexy like this?

Sidenote: I don't smoke.

None-the-less undaunted we shuffle into our vehicle Saturday afternoon to travel up-island to visit with T's parents. I am blessed. My in-laws are wonderful and have fully accepted me into the family. Although we were both feeling so horrid, we knew that a weekend with them meant not pressure. No preformance. No pretenses. We could just relax and 'be' with them. (I just hope they don't get sick too - that would be disasterous). We really weren't much for company.

It is so rare that T and I get a weekend off from our volunteer duties at the church. Me being heavily involved with Children's Ministry, and T doing the soundboard guy thing. I knew that I needed to get away. We needed to get away. I also knew that I wouldn't have felt comfortable being at home Sunday morning and not going to church. (We live closer than most folks). Being 2 hours away puts a damper on the guilty feelings.

We were fed well, reclinced and watched TV, and went to bed early (at least I did). We got to sleep in and fed another wonderful meal. Better than any Bed & Breakfast I could name. Cheap rates too!!

Now they're coming down tomorrow to take T and I out for my birthday dinner.

Very nice people that raise my husband!!

I'm not feeling particularly excited or bumbed about my birthday. Rather blah actually. Probably because I haven't been on my game lately. The one big problem with being the domestic one in a relationship is that there is no one to bake your birthday cake. For some reason birthday cake is very important to me.

I really want carrot cake with thick rich creamy cream cheese icing . . . . . I sincerely hope the restaurant has carrot cake on the menu, or I'll have to make one for myself.

Anyway Diaryland lovers, I've run out of zestful, spine-tingling, and riveting stories to tell you. I must bid you good-night.

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