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3:51 p.m. - 2004-03-01

Little of this and a lot of nothing

You know it's been a slow news week . . . . I confess its been 5 days since my last entry.

We'll it's all because the shaving of the "Thesis beard" was short lived. My husband got the bad news that he had to re-write another whole chapter.

Donning of black mourning clothes - visibly felt.

I lost T back to his office and computer. Back to grunting hello's, good-bye's, and greeting kisses. I was once again left to my own devices and some rambling around. On Saturday I didn't know what to do with myself. Not really in the mood to do any gardening. Not really in the mental state to 'safely' go window shopping. So, with that - mid afternoon I went to the Video Stop. Rented two movies - one that I knew I'd like and that T probably wouldn't watch. The second choice was a movie that IF Tim was able to pull himself away from work, he might enjoy watching. Hence my choices were "Lost in Translation" and "The Missing".

I was determined to see at least one of the movies nominated for an Oscar this year. (Little did I know - I have in fact seen a few). "Lost in Translation" filled that bill. It's a very odd little flick really. I don't know if I'd recommend it to anyone except real movie buff's. Possibly this comes out of my outlook when I watched it. The loneliness I had been feeling myself was being paralleled on the screen. Although my husband was around, he wasn't very accessible. Does that make sense?

The other movie "The Missing" was just plain entertainment. Wild frontier, women doctor, silly teenage girl, fearless tomboy, and absent father returned. Oh ya, and a little Apache voodoo mixed in.

Then on Sunday T decides that he needs a break. (Side note: A full work day on Saturday say T complete 99% of the re-writing of Chapter 5 - Yay T!!) We had been talking about going to see "The Passion of the Christ". Sunday Matinee at 4:10 was our window of opportunity. I'm still having a tough time finding the words to describe my experience. As I am a believer, this movie brings brilliant bright pictures to my mind and heart of the sacrifice that was done for my life. The antagonists on the screen are not the only ones to put the deep scourging wounds on his back, or nailed him to that cross. We (you and me) are all guilty of this fact.

It is a beautiful movie with amazing symbolisms (can I use that word?), and a definite accuracy to scripture. Regardless of how you feel about Christianity I truly recommend this movie to you.

Well . . . . I hadn't intended on writing a long missive today. However, here I am not knowing how to end this entry. The rest of my week? . . . . not sure how it's going to pan out. Tonight will be a low profile evening laying on my couch. Possibly ending by watching "Los Vegas", now that "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance" is over. But then again . . . .

I must add at this point - so you don't think I was a complete shrub this weekend - I did do some crafting. I'm discovering the art of using eyelets and punches. I kinda like what I came up with. Maybe I'll do some more of that tonight. We'll see.

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