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4:16 p.m. - 2004-02-25

Culturally starved

Yesterday my good friend Jane called to ask if I could join her in going to a concert last night. At first I said 'no - too tired', then - literally 10 minutes before she was to leave for the event I frantically called her and said "Am I too late? Can I change my mind?".

I feel caught between two worlds. On the one hand I get home after work and only want to be a tv slug until bedtime. Then on the other hand I feel like I need to get out more. Get 'doing' things, seeing things, feeling things.

With T so busy writing he really can't get away at the moment. And even when he's not working 24/7 he's very happy to be a at home - not doing much either.

I suppose I like and need a happy medium and don't get it much. So - with that I joined Jane and had a little adventure with culture. We saw the Ennis Sister from St.Johns New Foundland at Camosun College in a cool old hall that I don't know the name of.

They were great. East Coast contemporary sound. Little celtic, little folksy, little eclectic. Wonderful mandolin, guitar, tin flute, and that funky drum thats synonymous with celtic music. I really enjoyed myself.

I've really got to get out there more. There is a bevy of culture to grasp hold of. Just waiting around the corner.

On a completely different note. . . . there are some very cool people out there. I've been surfing around other people's diarys and I've come across some facinating, interesting, fresh, creative people. Some - I've even had the pleasure of getting to know. I have been very blessed by the people that I have corresponded with, and have corresponded with me. We all come from varied, different, assorted, mixed, and motley walks of life.

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read even one of my entries. Thank you even more if you left me a note or sent an e-mail. Bless you and here's a big hug! XOOOXOOXOOX

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