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11:17 a.m. - 2004-02-22

Footnote to Thesis Widow

Footnote to my last entry:

As part and package of my husbands Thesis writing time - he also allowed himself a "Thesis beard". Anyone who is a follower of hockey knows what a "Playoffs Beard" is. This is a Masters Students equivalent. Or is it only my husband?

So - 4 or 5 weeks ago he declared that since he would be taking time off from work to write his Thesis he would also refrain from shaving. T is a large guy with a healthy amount of hair. Hence grows facial hair quite rapidly. I am not a fan of facial scruff. I am a lover of a clean shaven chin, particularly right after shaving. Oh the smoothness . . .

At this point I must counter the fact that with the onset of "Thesis Beard" that I would then be allowed "Thesis PJ's". This meant that for each day he stayed unshaven each evening I was able to wear my favourite bedtime flannelette PJ's! I was in heaven.

Alas - last night - all things changed. After a rather intense writing day T came to bed with nary and wisker or hair on his face. The joy at knowing that the all-consuming writing days were over was quickly replaced by the realization that my nights of flannel bliss were done. I lament there passing.

I am overjoyed - Praise be to God - that T has reached this point. There is still some final tweaking and proofing yet to be done, but the hard stuff is over. He will hopefully defend in April.

On the bright side . . . I believe there is a trip to Disneyland in our future. I wonder how I'll look in large mouse ears . . . .

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