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12:42 p.m. - 2004-02-04

Reality bites

I really enjoy Reality Shows. Although I find the use of the word "Reality" a bit of an oximoron. There is very little reality about the set ups of these shows. What's real about Joe No-one living in a mansion having his pick of gorgeous women? What's real about a group of people stranded on a desert island slowly giving each other the boot off? (Survivor is my all time fav')

But I'm hooked!!! I love watching the true personalities of these people eek out. When given extreme situations, stress, often starvation or exhaustion or both - they show they're raw humaness. And I laugh to myself when, at least once per episode, I say to the tv screen - "What a whiner!" about some unhearing contestant. This person, doing whatever reality schtick they've got themselves on to, whines obsessively about something that's happening to them. Don't these competitors remember that they've beaten out, however many thousands of people, to be where they are? Said malcontent is oblivious to the fact that tens of thousands of people are watching them be . . . whiners, and wishing that it was them on the show. (Not me - I recognize I'd never last. I know that I would be the first one given a ticket home).

And yet - I make a point of clearing my schedule - watching intently. What does that say about me? Other than I watch far to much television.

Last night was American Idol, and America's Next Top Model (serious whining this weeks episode). Tonight is the Apprentice. Tomorrow night - Survivor. . . . There goes my week. When will I have to time make entries? Don't worry - I know no one reads this stuff, but I'll keep writing.

I invite your comments on reality shows. Which one(s) do you watch? Do you even watch reality shows?

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